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Polypropylene (PP) strapping is one of the most common types of strapping and comes in a variety of tensile strengths, widths, and core sizes depending on your application.It’s almost always embossed, giving it additional strength and texture for better friction. Embossing also significantly reduces dust created during the strapping process.PP strapping stretches around 25% when applying, however, it recovers about 10% back shortly after. As a package or pallet settles, the strap will retain some tension. Polyester and steel will not recover as your package/pallet settles.

Features :


  • These straps are Super Light in Weight
  • Best for Light tasks
  • Used for light duty bundles
  • Carton box Strap
  • Used for fixing loads to pallets or bundling items for shipping
  • Water Resistant

Technical Specification :

Material:                                    Polypropylene and Pet
Color:                                         White, Yellow, Blue, Natural White, Green, Red, Black
Length:                                      1000 MTR, 1500 MTR, 2000 MTR, 3000 MTR
Thickness:                                0.50 MM to 0.80 MM
Strength:                                   wet/dry 100%
Shock absorption:                   Excellent
Diameter:                                  6mm – 18mm
Usage:                                       Industrial, Packing

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