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Tiger Rope is a composite rope with a nylon core and polyester cover. This combination makes Tiger Rope stronger than 100% nylon or 100% polyester rope. This rope has good abrasion resistance and is comfortable to hold making this rope good for hand lines or general purpose. tiger rope manufacturers For superior strength and remarkable stretching capabilities, nylon is the rope of choice. Stronger than both manila and polypropylene, nylon commonly finds itself pulling the heaviest loads and bearing the most weight.

Features :


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Black. Additional colors available
  • Resists oil, rot and most common chemicals
  • Excellent UV and abrasion resistance
  • Higher breaking strength
  • Bearing the most weight
  • remarkable stretching capabilities
  • Balanced and easy to handle

Technical Specification :

Material:                                     Polypropylene
Color:                                          Black
Construction:                            3 & 4 strand
Length:                                      110 MTR and 220 MTR
Strength:                                   wet/dry 100%
Shock absorption:                   Excellent
Rope Construction:                 Braided
Diameter:                                  10mm – 32mm
Usage:                                       Industrial, Transportation

Our Other Products


Ideal Pro-Pull Pull-rope in yellow color is made of polypropylene for longer durability and strength. It is a rugged, lightweight and mildew resistant rope.

Synthetic Rope

Synthetic ropes are made from man-made chemicals and fibers. Materials commonly used include polypropylene, nylon, and polyester.


Polypropylene rope is a fantastic general-purpose piece of rope equipment that is suited for a number of applications in the domestic, business and leisure domain.