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The highest quality mason’s line on the market! Premium Bonded Braided Nylon Mason’s line is 35% stronger than regular mason’s line. This masonry product is great as mason’s line for a strong, tight line, or any odd jobs where a superior line is needed. The special braiding process creates extra elasticity which helps eliminate any sagging in this line, making it perfect for measuring rows for your masonry building supplies. Fast shipping, Won’t absorbs water or be affected by humidity, won’t mildew, Pull tight for a straight accurate line, Bonded to hold knots, Strong braided line aids elasticity and eliminates sagging, Nylon is abrasion and alkali resistant such as oil or mortar, Boasts 685 feet of line.

Features :


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Higher breaking strength
  • High Visbility
  • Pulls Wire Through Conduit and Pipe
  • Bearing the most weight
  • remarkable stretching capabilities
  • Balanced and easy to handle

Technical Specification :

Material:                                    High  Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Color:                                         Yellow, Blue, Orange, Natural, Green, Black, Red, White
Construction:                            3 & 4 strand
Length:                                      110 MTR and 220 MTR
Strength:                                   wet/dry 100%
Shock absorption:                   Excellent
Rope Construction:                 Braided
Diameter:                                  5mm – 32mm
Usage:                                       Industrial, Fishing, Aquaculture

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